Sunday, August 30, 2009

Molly's Birthday

Today (Aug 30) we celebrated Molly's birthday, one day early. She's only had one birthday before, but was really into the concept. She's been hugging her presents for the last week and just couldn't wait to open them. She's learned how to tear the wrapping paper off her packages ... on second thought, maybe that wasn't such a good thing to teach her...

She got a puppy from her Grandparents Hahn and the big BRIGHT pink ball from Great-Grandma (actually in the form of cash) so Great Grandma doesn't know what she bought for Molly yet. She got this outfit from the Grandparents Christensen. This will work out great for living in Houston.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to school 2009

Well another year, another school! Oh, I guess that's not normal unless you are in our family!! Anyway, Thomas is in third grade this year and Abby is in Kindergarten. They were very excited on the first day. And especially so because they get to ride the bus this year!!Here they are waiting for the bus, they got kinda bored because the bus was late. They started watching the bugs nearby. But the bus finally made it and they were off to school!After school Molly and I walked to the bus stop to meet Thomas and Abby. Once again the bus was late and we got tired of waiting... ( first day, I guess the driver needs to get used to his route!)
But again, the bus finally made it and the kids were home safe to tell tales of the first day!!
I made these cupcakes for the first After School Snack, they are supposed to be Ming-Ming from the show Wonder Pets!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abby quote of the day, or week, or year!

We all went down to the school yesterday to register Thomas and Abby for the year at a new school! While Toby and I waited in line after line, the kids had crayons and paper and were sitting at another table drawing pictures. Abby came over after a little while and said with a totally straight face "Daddy what is that thing on Uranus?". We just busted up laughing and couldn't stop! Apparently she was drawing a picture of the solar system and wanted to know if Uranus had rings or moons or any "extras". That is our Abby always making us laugh!!