Saturday, January 23, 2010

Abby's Princess Party

Last Saturday, the 16th, we had Abby's 6th birthday party! It was a princess themed party, so we asked all the girls to come dressed as their favorite princess. Here is a picture of Abby and Molly ready for the party to begin. The kids were watching "Little Einsteins" while they waited for the guests to arrive.

Still waiting.

Here they are each making a bracelet to take home. There were colored beads and letter beads, so each girl made her name on her bracelet.

After making bracelets and finding the Princess Treasure box (sorry no pictures of that) we had pizza for lunch. Thomas was a huge help with passing out napkins and handing each girl their pizza.

After pizza we decorated cupcakes. Thomas joined the girls for this event. He had fun sitting between two cute 6 year old girls!!

Here is the birthday girl eating her cupcake.

Molly also had fun as she got to be one of the big girls for the day!

Here is a shot of the whole group, there were 5 guests plus Molly and Abby, so seven little princesses in our house!

After cupcakes, we all gathered around as Abby opened her gifts. She got some good stuff and her friends were very generous.

Still opening presents.

Her friend Samantha gave her a gift card to Target and it looked like a license plate, so she decided to wear it on her "booty". What a funny girl!!

Bowling for Abby's birthday

For Abby's birthday we offered to either take her out to dinner at a restaurant of her choice or she could pick going bowling. She wanted bowling.

We went to a local bowling alley on MLK day in the afternoon. It was really empty.
Here's Abby celebrating after getting the bowling ball all the way down to the end of the alley.

Molly got this lucky shot. Maybe she has a future as a professional bowler, but only if Amy helps her.

Thomas did well, though once he picked up the ball it was a race to get it to the lane before he dropped it. He got really good a bouncing it off the bumpers to get it to hit the pins.

Everyone had a lot of fun.

Shake that Booty!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas (Yes I know it's January! Shut up!)

Here's some pictures from Christmas, that I've been meaning to post since December.
Here's Abby showing off some of her loot.
Thomas got Tom Saywer from Grandma & Grandpa Hahn (sorry for the mistake!), they got it for him when they went through Hannibal, MO (Mark Twain's hometown) a couple of years ago. Though I think Harry Potter has been capturing his attention.

Molly got a lot of "Oody-Buzz" swag. Here she is with her Toy Story chair and Non-Toy Story robot dog. While she likes the dog that barks and moves, 'Eppie (her stuffed Leopard) is still her favorite.
Molly and Woody or "Oody"
Abby made her own wrapping paper for our present at school. The wrapping paper was almost as much fun as the actual present.
Molly got a shopping cart which she loved. She used it to push all her swag around the house. I wonder if this means she'll grow up to enjoy shopping or if she'll end up pushing a shopping cart of cans around....
Uncle Zeke (I'm just hoping that this was a Zeke alone project and not Juliana's idea!) sent us his traditional Christmas crimes against nature.

Thomas wasn't so sure of his monkey with a dwarf head.

Though Abby seems to like her bear-monkey
I'm really happy with my...what ever this thing is.
This is the one and only time that Molly hugged her baby-alligator. She named this creature "kinda-ucky" and it took almost 2 weeks before she'd allow this thing into her room. I've even threatened to put "kinda-ucky" in her bed if she gives me trouble at bed time. So far the threat has been enough!