Wednesday, November 26, 2008

tornado warning

a few weeks ago we had a tornado warning in our area. once i realized we weren't actually going to get a tornado, i went outside to take pictures of the dark clouds. some of them were starting to rotate right over our heads, it was pretty cool. and then after the storm i went out front again and discovered a rainbow.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my crazy girls!

a few nights ago, i was trying to dress molly in her pjs for bed. of course, her favorite game these days is "try to get away from mom" so it is not so easy anymore. i got her jammies halfway on and when i stood her up to put her arms in, this is what happened!

yesterday, abby and i played the game "pretty, pretty princess". if you don't know the game, you go around the board trying to collect all of your color jewelry and the one crown before your opponent. whoever achieves this goal wins, well abby decided that whoever wins gets to wear ALL of the jewelry! i think the earrings hurt a little!

and then i saved the best for last! tonight molly had a dum dum pop after dinner. she walks around the house with it in her mouth (i know, bad mom!) the next time i see her, she no longer has it in her mouth and i wondered what in the house is all sticky! oh, wait! there it is! (in between her legs!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

I should know better!

I guess by now I should know better than to leave the kids unsupervised for even a minute. I was surprised at what I discovered. They decided that the box of shredded paper was snow and they had a snowball fight. I guess that's life!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well, halloween was fun this year. We had some friends (Randy and Amy Walker) over for dinner and then she and I took the kids trick or treating, while the guys stayed home to give out candy. I decided not to take the stroller this year as now Molly can walk. I had no idea how tiring it would be to carry her from one house to the next, only putting her down at the doors to get candy. I was so glad to have another adult with me to trade off carrying her. At first Molly didn't quite get what was going on. When i would put her on a doorstep and open her bag for her, she would reach in and take out a piece of candy and give it to me to open. I would put it back in and she would get so frustrated. All she wanted was to eat just one piece of candy! Of course Thomas and Abby are well experienced and knew exactly what to say and do, my only problem there was keeping up with them. When we finally got home and I gave Molly one piece of candy out of her bag, she was so excited! Of course, Thomas and Abby also each got one piece each, and then it was off to bed for everyone. Our friends left and wished us well with the hyper kids tomorrow! What a great day!

These are pictures of the kids eating their candy before bed.

We carved pumpkins about a week ago and it went pretty well. Abby doesn't like to get her hands dirty, so I scooped out the insides for her. She drew the face all by herself and of course I carved it. Thomas has fun getting in all the muck, so Toby helped him get the stuff out and Thomas also drew his own face. I did Molly's pumpkin for her. She loved them all.