Sunday, September 9, 2012

May 2012

Abby's ballet recital

Abby and her friend Megan

Sibling support

My Mother's Day flowers, the rose is from church and the other "flowers" the kids picked from the field across the street.  Aren't they sweet?

Molly and Leia

Brenham Ice Cream Festival May 2012

Eating ice cream

Molly riding the carousel

Thomas and Abby talking and riding

I love this picture!  Molly freaked out a little going down this slide!

Thomas going down the biggest slide!


Thomas climbed this rock.

Still not done with catch up

I participated in my first 5K (April) (Molly joined me for the last 50 feet)

My friend, Belin, who inspired me to work on my health.

Toby got me these flowers after completing the 5K.

Abby was able to participate in an activity for Gifted Students, they built the Great Wall of China out of Legos. (April)

One of the cool Lego displays they had there.

Old Katy (April)

Toby likes to play with the settings on his camera, this time he turned the kids into ghosts!  (April)

Molly as a ghost.

More catch up

Thomas got to go camping with the Cub Scouts.

One of the trails that they hiked.  (March)

Molly holding a chick at the Katy Folk Life festival (March)

Abby holding the chick

They all shot the bow and arrow, but since this was Molly's first time, I only included her picture

We carried on the Texas Easter tradition of confetti eggs.  (April)

The kids coming down for the Easter egg hunt.

Getting too far behind post

Molly waiting to see the Trail Riders. (February)
Blue and Gold Banquet (March)
Toby playing with the kids at Galveston Beach
The family at Galveston Beach (Spring Break)
We took along this big inflatable ball that you can get in and roll around, the kids loved using it in the water!!