Saturday, January 5, 2013

Doll Beds for Christmas

This Christmas I decided to build doll beds for the girls' American Girl style dolls.

I started out cutting, rounding and marking the posts for the foot of the 2 beds
To get smooth, flat notches in the bed posts I did multiple passes over the table saw
These 4 posts would become the heads of the beds.
A little bit of work with my band saw prepared the head and foot boards
A few taps with a chisel cleared out the notches. Always cut away from your hands, right Chani?

I cut down the rails a little bit to get them the right size and shape to fit into the notches
Rough assembly of the bed.

Rough assembly of the other bed.

I drilled out the top of the bed post and added a threaded hole for the tops of the bed posts, which I had bought from the store

I notched the bed posts for the head and foot boards. I added a piece on the bottom of the rails to hold the bed board

I mounted the store bought legs on the top of the bed posts and painted the bed

I made the mattresses out of foam and Amy covered the mattresses.