Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thomas' first cub scout badge!!

Thomas had earned his Bobcat Badge back in December, but the Pack meeting for January was the Pinewood Derby, so he had to wait until the February Pack meeting to get his badge. February was the Blue and Gold Banquet so it was pretty special that he got his badge then. What they have you do is the father turns the boy upside down and then the mother pins the badge on right side up, so that when the boy is turned back over the badge will be upside down. (I hope that makes sense to you!) And then after the boy has done a "good turn" he is allowed to turn it over and sew it on the right way. It was a pretty fun experience. Thomas was complaining that I was taking too long and his face started to turn red, but that was all part of the whole experience, right?!?!

After his badge was pinned on, Molly ran over to see what was going on. Abby stayed at the table eating her cake!!

Congratulations, Thomas! We are so proud of you!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Molly's sock

Today Molly was walking around with one of Abby's socks on her foot. Just one sock, not both. So, I asked her if she was being Michael Jackson (you know just one sock, kind of like one glove). She thought I was being silly and told me "No, daddy, I have two socks". Since she's learning to count, I just thought she was saying the wrong number. So I told her that she only had one on, to which she again insisted that she had two.

To show her what one looked like, I laid her down and grabbed her foot. Holding it where she could see I told her, "See, just one sock". To which she responded, by pulling off the ONE sock to reveal another sock.

So I guess she knew what she was talking about...Two socks, but on only one foot.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Follow the Pumpkin

Molly loves to sing herself to sleep. She'll lay in bed for (sometimes) over an hour just talking and singing. We have a baby monitor set up, so we can hear everything that happens in her room, so every night we get an impromptu concert.

She really likes nursery and the Church songs that she learns there. Though sometimes she gets a little confused about the words that go with each song. Last night she was singing a version of Book of Mormon Stories.

The audio quality is not great (since it's a recording over the baby monitor), but here's her Book of Mormon Stories

Now, tonight she started singing "Follow the Prophet" but she's a little unsure of the words. She starts off with "Follow the Pumpkin", and when we heard this, we fell off the couch laughing.

For most of the song, she's loudly shouting "Follow the Pumpkin", but toward the end of the song, she starts singing "Follow the Prophet". Then right at the end, she says "Hi, ummm, I wanna sing Follow the Prophet". Again the audio is not the best. Just use your imagination.