Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornadoes in February

Yesterday at around 2:30 Toby called me from work and said "You might want to turn on a news channel". So I did and they had tornado warnings all up and down Oklahoma. At that time the tornado touched down at Chuck E. Cheese and Target about 15 miles from here. It tore off one of the walls of Chuck E's and damaged Target and Hobby Lobby. Thomas was at school and the school was on lockdown, so I couldn't pick him up until about 4:00. The girls and I hid in the closet and waited for the storm to pass. These are some pictures I took with my cell phone after I thought the storm was gone.These clouds turned into the tornado that touche down less than a mile from here.This is the hail in the grass.Here is Abby holding the biggest piece of hail she could find.This morning we went looking for things to take pictures of. This is where the tornado touched down less than a mile from our house. They are repairing a few (like 8 or 10) telephone poles that were knocked across the road. This is in our neighborhood. It used to be a trampoline.
Lots of fences blown over.

If you can see it well enough, the first fence in this picture was torn up and thrown into the next yard behind.

If you would like to see more pictures there are many at . That is where you can find bigger hail pics and a great picture of all of the telephone poles across the street nearby.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

snow days!!

The first week of February we had our first Oklahoma Ice Storm. First we got freezing rain which comes down wet and freezes on everything. It was really pretty but very slippery. Here are some pictures of ice on grass and a tree.

Thomas got his very first experience with missing school for snow, so we went outside to play in the "snow". ( It was actually just freezing rain and sleet.) Toby pulled the kids down the street and sidewalk on the sled. He ran really fast and when he turned a corner the kids spilled out of the sled and laughed and laughed. When Toby got tired, Thomas gave it a try.

Molly really seemed excited to go out, but once we were out, this was her expression most of the time.
She did enjoy looking at the ice on the plants and bushes.We took a walk down to the duck pond where there is a small hill and let the kids ride the sled a few times.

Molly really enjoyed her first ride all by herself. Then Thomas wanted to ride with her and they had a rollover and Thomas ended up on top of Molly. After that she didn't want any more of that.
Tears and a little blood on the lip and nose, poor baby!!