Saturday, November 15, 2008

my crazy girls!

a few nights ago, i was trying to dress molly in her pjs for bed. of course, her favorite game these days is "try to get away from mom" so it is not so easy anymore. i got her jammies halfway on and when i stood her up to put her arms in, this is what happened!

yesterday, abby and i played the game "pretty, pretty princess". if you don't know the game, you go around the board trying to collect all of your color jewelry and the one crown before your opponent. whoever achieves this goal wins, well abby decided that whoever wins gets to wear ALL of the jewelry! i think the earrings hurt a little!

and then i saved the best for last! tonight molly had a dum dum pop after dinner. she walks around the house with it in her mouth (i know, bad mom!) the next time i see her, she no longer has it in her mouth and i wondered what in the house is all sticky! oh, wait! there it is! (in between her legs!)

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