Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thomas turns 7!

Thomas' birthday was this Sunday, the 7th of December. We celebrated on the 5th for various reasons, but anyway he decided that he would like to go mini-golfing and then to Red Lobster for dinner. We also visited him at school for lunch and he really enjoyed that. The mini-golf place was in the mall and it was one of these where everything is painted in flourescent colors and the lights are all blacklights. The kids all really enjoyed it. Of course, when you can make a hole-in-one by pushing the ball along with the putter, it is always fun!! Molly just enjoyed carrying my putter around or throwing the ball where she pleased.(luckily the place wasn't too busy) After that we went to Red Lobster which just happens to be right in front of the mall. Thomas was very anxious to open presents, so we ordered our food and let him have his fun while we waited for it to arrive. He loved all of his presents, but I guess the older he gets the more greedy he becomes, because after he was done he asked "Why didn't any of my Aunts or Uncles send me any presents?" I lovingly explained that he would probably get more birthday presents at Christmastime and he was satisfied with that. Overall, it was a good day. Of course we could have done without the jealous attention-grabbing behavior of Abby and the hungry fit-throwing of Molly, but what are you gonna do?!?

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Alyssa said...

Ohh! Happy birthday Thomas! It looks like you had a good time! Lots of love!