Sunday, February 8, 2009

snow days!!

The first week of February we had our first Oklahoma Ice Storm. First we got freezing rain which comes down wet and freezes on everything. It was really pretty but very slippery. Here are some pictures of ice on grass and a tree.

Thomas got his very first experience with missing school for snow, so we went outside to play in the "snow". ( It was actually just freezing rain and sleet.) Toby pulled the kids down the street and sidewalk on the sled. He ran really fast and when he turned a corner the kids spilled out of the sled and laughed and laughed. When Toby got tired, Thomas gave it a try.

Molly really seemed excited to go out, but once we were out, this was her expression most of the time.
She did enjoy looking at the ice on the plants and bushes.We took a walk down to the duck pond where there is a small hill and let the kids ride the sled a few times.

Molly really enjoyed her first ride all by herself. Then Thomas wanted to ride with her and they had a rollover and Thomas ended up on top of Molly. After that she didn't want any more of that.
Tears and a little blood on the lip and nose, poor baby!!

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