Tuesday, March 24, 2009


For spring break we went to a little resort by a lake in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. We just wanted to get away and relax, but we ended up having more fun than we expected. One day during Molly's naptime, I took Thomas and Abby horseback riding. They each got their own horse and there were about 6 horses between them and me, but they really enjoyed it. Thomas' horse was named Shorty and Abby's was Chief. I got Rocky and we had the best time! It makes me want to go again soon!

This playground was right next to the mini-golf course. After a round of mini-golf we let the kids play for a little while. Thomas and Abby played follow the leader and Molly just enjoyed a ride in the swing.

Mini-golf was alot of fun for the kids, we just let them putt how they wanted and sometimes it was more effective than others. As you can see Thomas has the Happy Gilmore swing down-pat!

At the Marina there were tons of carp to feed, so we bought some food and let the kids throw it to the fish. They really had a good time, especially Molly!

We took the Sugarloaf Shuttle out to Sugarloaf mountain and hiked to the top and down again and then the Shuttle took us back to the Marina. The kids did really well on the hike, it was really steep in some places and lots of stairs to the rocky top, but they didn't complain at all! Molly even hiked about 1/3 of the way up just holding my hand!
This is the view from the top, there were about ten of these turkey vultures flying around up there. There were also bald Eagles, but we didn't get any pictures of them.

This is the hike to Indian Rock Cave. Apparently DeSoto visited the Indians here. There was the really big cave and then there were lots of little caves here and there on the trail back.

We went to a cute puppet show at the Art Gallery nearby. The kids really enjoyed it (despite the looks on their faces!)

A short walk from our condo took us to this little dock on the lake. The kids loved throwing rocks in, well, Molly didn't really see the point. I tried to help, but she just didn't get it!

Thomas brought a book about how to fold all different paper airplanes. They took them out a few times to test them out. We started throwing them off of the balcony and Abby threw one all the way to the next parking lot!

Toby taking the kids to bed! GOOD NIGHT!!!


Alyssa said...

Yay! Awesome pictures! Molly is getting so big and they all look cute.

Jenn Adams said...

Hey Amy. I just thought I'd pop in and see what you guys are up to. It looks like you had an awesome Spring Break! How fun. Ours isn't for a couple more weeks. And we'll probably just lay around the house. :)