Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Abby's game

So tonight Abby had a Soccer game at 6 pm. It turns out the other team thought the game was at 5pm, so we just played three on three by ourselves! About halfway through the game Abby started to cry for no apparent reason. She came and sat with me, but wouldn't tell me what was wrong for awhile. When I finally got her to talk to me, she said that it was too hard and she would never be able to score a goal!! She stayed out of the game for about five or ten minutes while everyone tried to convince her to keep trying and telling her that we are only playing for fun! Anyway, we finally told her that if she wasn't going to play anymore, that we would just go home. She didn't want to leave, so she decided to play again. Luckily, since we were just playing ourselves, the Coach was nice enough to tell the other girls to help Abby score. Well, of course she made her first goal and was very proud of herself! Thank You very much Coach Joe!!! She played the rest of the game and had a great time like always!!And then after the game Thomas was playing around and got stuck in the net! ( I made Toby wait until I got a picture and then help him down! hehe!)


Alyssa said...

How funny! I love Thomas getting stuck in the net. And way to go Abby! I always played defender and never scored a goal - until my team was up by like 15 and coach switched us all around.

j. and a. jerman said...

Go Abby! It definitely makes the game funner when you score. Thomas int he net is hilarious - I would grab the camera before I helped too! - ha, ha

Anonymous said...

Good for Abby! That was so nice of the coach and the other girls to help her out. That picture of Thomas is so awesome!