Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stuff we've done lately!

Well, this first part is from back in April when Thomas' class did a program about bugs and he decided to dress as a cockroach! We made his costume the night before (classic Amy procrastination!) out of cardboard and brown paper. I think it looks pretty good for last minute throwing together!

Here is Thomas doing the Square Dance number with his friend Gabriella. They had a good time dancing together.
Soccer season is over and Abby's age group coordinator got all of the girls little medals, which is great, but made Thomas a little upset that he has been playing soccer for two years and hasn't yet recieved a medal! Anyway these pictures are of Coach Joe giving Abby her medal and then the girls gave him card and they even signed it themselves!

Abby is number 4

If you look really close you can see Abby's face squished between Kayleigh and Romina.

Last weekend we got to have some friends over for the afternoon and they had lots of fun together. Thomas and Stephen are about the same age and Abby and Callison are about the same age and, of course, Bensen and Molly are close in age as well. After some outside water play, they all came in to watch a VeggieTales movie. Abby told me "I know who I want to sit by!" And when I asked her who, she whispered in my ear, "Stephen" it was very cute!

After the movie Abby and Callison played dress-up

Molly and Bensen played Pop-Ons together and

Thomas and Stephen played with Legos. They all had lots of fun together. We will miss our Okie friends very much when we move.

And finally, here are two videos I recently shot of Molly. The first is just a short video of a few things she says regularly, and the second is of her jumping. I'm not sure why she even started jumping unless it was because Abby is going through a stage of trying to learn to jump rope. Anyway, the way Molly jumps is just hilarious, if anyone remembers how she crawled with her one "power leg" you will see why it is so funny!


j. and a. jerman said...

Those videos of molly are so darling! The kids sure did have fun playing at your house - I wish we got them together more often. Come back and visit, okay?!

Alyssa said...

The jumping video is hilarious! Way to go Molly - her hair looks good too. I loved Thomas's cockroach costume - very impressive!

Anonymous said...

So fun! It's so nice when the kids all have their own friends to play with :)

Jenn Adams said...

Love the videos. What cute kids. :o)

Candice said...

to answer the comment on my blog ----- We've been married for 21 years now! It's hard to believe......