Friday, September 4, 2009

Abby's new glasses

After Thomas had to get glasses, we noticed that Abby seemed to have trouble reading things far away. At first it was hard to tell, since we couldn't tell if she just couldn't see it or if she was just being silly Abby. But we finally figured out that she couldn't see. So we took her to the eye doctor and her vision was about as bad as Thomas' vision.
She picked out the pinkest glasses at the store... Next time we'll go to a place with a better selection of kid's glasses.


Dawn said...

She looks great!! Cute and smart. :0)

Jenn Adams said...

Very cute! I love her "bear ears," too. (That's what my girls call it when I leave the ends of their pigtails tucked in like that.) :o) You did a good job, mom. :o)