Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Pumpkins

For the Halloween party at Thomas and Abby's school, they were allowed to paint one pumpkin per family. Since the pumpkins were going to sit in the library for about a week, you would only paint, not cut the pumpkins and they were supposed to look like a character from a book. (Some people choose a character from a movie that was based on a book)

They wanted to paint the pumpkin to look like the characters from the Magic Treehouse series of books. Since we could only submit one pumpkin, and there's 2 characters, we painted a face on each side of the pumpkin.
This is the Annie side of the pumpkin

And here's Jack.

On Saturday we carved pumpkins for Halloween. Thomas really got into carving the pumpkin, but I was worried about what else he'd cut. He bent the blade on this little carver he was so in to it.

Molly really surprised us. She really liked "gutting" the pumpkin. Here she is, up to her elbow performing brain surgery on her patient.

She also used a scoop to clean out the insides. But she found it to be less satifysing then just reaching in and yanking.
Here's the happy Jack O'Lanterns that we set out. They are (l to r) Abby's, Thomas', Molly's
And here they are with candles.


Alex and Kimberly Rasmussen said...

What spooky Jack-o-lanterns!! Looks like you guys had a great time-I can't believe how big molly is getting so grown-up

Jen said...

I'm jealous your little ones liked making the jack-o-lanterns. Mine were each asked to put their hands in once, then they immediately washed their hands. My back was killing me by the time I finished our pumpkin. Cute pumpkins you guys made!

Alyssa said...

I love it - Ryan loves the magic treehouse series..and Marin loved scooping out the guts too!