Saturday, January 23, 2010

Abby's Princess Party

Last Saturday, the 16th, we had Abby's 6th birthday party! It was a princess themed party, so we asked all the girls to come dressed as their favorite princess. Here is a picture of Abby and Molly ready for the party to begin. The kids were watching "Little Einsteins" while they waited for the guests to arrive.

Still waiting.

Here they are each making a bracelet to take home. There were colored beads and letter beads, so each girl made her name on her bracelet.

After making bracelets and finding the Princess Treasure box (sorry no pictures of that) we had pizza for lunch. Thomas was a huge help with passing out napkins and handing each girl their pizza.

After pizza we decorated cupcakes. Thomas joined the girls for this event. He had fun sitting between two cute 6 year old girls!!

Here is the birthday girl eating her cupcake.

Molly also had fun as she got to be one of the big girls for the day!

Here is a shot of the whole group, there were 5 guests plus Molly and Abby, so seven little princesses in our house!

After cupcakes, we all gathered around as Abby opened her gifts. She got some good stuff and her friends were very generous.

Still opening presents.

Her friend Samantha gave her a gift card to Target and it looked like a license plate, so she decided to wear it on her "booty". What a funny girl!!


Andrew said...

Poor Toby... that is a lot of Princesses under on roof. ha ha

Zeke said...

Toby just adds one more princess to the household.

Toby said...


Anonymous said...

So cute! Makes me kinda wish my girls were that little again and "into" Princesses. :) Thomas was a sport for helping out like that, too. :)

Alyssa said...

That last picture of Abby is too cute!