Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Follow the Pumpkin

Molly loves to sing herself to sleep. She'll lay in bed for (sometimes) over an hour just talking and singing. We have a baby monitor set up, so we can hear everything that happens in her room, so every night we get an impromptu concert.

She really likes nursery and the Church songs that she learns there. Though sometimes she gets a little confused about the words that go with each song. Last night she was singing a version of Book of Mormon Stories.

The audio quality is not great (since it's a recording over the baby monitor), but here's her Book of Mormon Stories

Now, tonight she started singing "Follow the Prophet" but she's a little unsure of the words. She starts off with "Follow the Pumpkin", and when we heard this, we fell off the couch laughing.

For most of the song, she's loudly shouting "Follow the Pumpkin", but toward the end of the song, she starts singing "Follow the Prophet". Then right at the end, she says "Hi, ummm, I wanna sing Follow the Prophet". Again the audio is not the best. Just use your imagination.


Kirchner Family said...

That is too cute! I bet its fun to sit there and listen to her sing!

Alyssa said...

Ok, that is hilarious - especially "Follow the Pumpkin." I love it...it reminds me of one night in college when my roommate and I were going over song lyrics, and we found someone who thought the chorus of the song "Amadeus" was "hot potatoes, hot potatoes." I still laugh whenever I hear that song, and now I will smile whenever I hear "Follow the Prophet."

Anonymous said...

So cute!

R A C H A E L said...

BAAAAAAA!!!! I played follow the pumpkin a few times. Laughed so hard my stomach hurts!!!!

Molly couldn't be cuter.