Saturday, April 3, 2010

A new pet

Today, before Conference, I was working outside in the backyard. Over on the patio table I noticed a small lizard looking at me. At first I was going to just get the kids to come see the lizard, but then I realized that it would take forever and would involve lots of screaming and yelling. So, after chasing the lizard around the yard for a few minutes I caught him.

The kids were so excited to see the lizard and immediately asked "Can we keep him???!!!!" As Amy didn't mind, we cleaned out the old fish tank (from our Canadian fish, eh) and made it into a terrarium.

Thomas proposed that Molly get to name the new pet. Right now the two suggested names are "Pet" and "Lizard", so I think someone else is going to name him.

We think its a Carolina Anole which, despite the name, seems to be native to the wetter parts of Texas (which Houston is).


Alyssa said...

So cute! My brothers always had anoles growing up, that is really fun.

Stacey said...

So cool! We always have a lot of frogs around our house, but never lizards. I think it's amazing that so many others around town get them so often. Have fun with your new pet!

Zeke said...

Maybe Chani will come over and run over it with a roller skate. Wait. . . is that too soon to mention that? Maybe you can watch it commit suicide by starving itself to death. Wait, is that too soon? Ok, fine, just let it escape and you can find it behind the dresser 2 months later as shriveled up as beef jerky. Is that Ok to say?