Sunday, May 2, 2010

Family Campout

On April 16-17 we went on a family camp-out with the ward. It was held in the Stephan F Austin state park, which was a really nice place. It so doesn't look like the tangled scrub trees and weedy grass that we see around Houston. But, it's only about 20 minutes from the house. It was fun, except for Molly being sick. She tossed and turned and whined all night long. Then, when Amy gave her some medicine, she got so worked up about how much she hated the medicine that she threw up.
Here's a picture of Molly from before I wanted to lock her in the van for some peace and quiet...

Thomas looks like he's not having so much fun...But he actually had a great time.

The Pullmans brought their new puppy, Daisy, to the campout. At first the kids were a little unsure of what to make of this little bundle of energy.

Then, Molly fell in love with Daisy.

And here she is explaining her policy on sharing the dog with Thomas. It looks like the policy is, "Let me play with Daisy or I hit you with a stick!!"
Abby had a great time as well. Here she is at the central camp fire.
And here's Thomas. He's actually checking to see if I'm watching him. You see, it's been over 20 minutes since he last threw something in the fire, and he's starting to get the shakes...
Here I am roasting marshmallows for the kids. This was an attempt to reduce the number of burned black or flaming marshmallows that happened when the kids did it.
And this is what the fire looks like with out a flash.

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