Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip August 2010

Back in the spring we planned a trip to Arizona to see Toby's sister, Mitzi. After we let the rest of the family know our plans, everyone else decided to join the party! We hadn't decided if we were going to fly or drive, but after looking at prices of tickets we decided to make it a road trip. We left our house the morning of July 31st and realized that we would be in Austin at about lunch time. We had heard of this restaurant on the lake called "The Oasis" so we called our friends that live in Austin and they agreed to meet us there for lunch. This first picture is the front of the restaurant and gift shop. They had some cool statues and flowers and stuff out there.

When you walk through to the back of the restaurant this is what you see. It is beautiful. There are about 5 stories and most of the tables have a wonderful lake view.

After lunch with the Pullmans we got back on the road and drove until we couldn't drive anymore. We stayed that night in Sweetwater, TX in the middle of a windfarm. Pictures of the windfarm to come. All in all it was a pleasant first day.

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