Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy, Busy

Here are the two reasons I haven't posted lately....
They are not the only reason, but I find myself much busier than I was before we got them.

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Juliana said...

They are absolutely adorable! At least infants give you at least 6 months before they start putting stuff in their mouths and chewing on things, not to mention walking...unlike puppies, you bring them home and before you know it they are running around and chewing up bra straps (ours did), phone cords (again ours), mutilating the kids' homemade play-do sculptures (once again ours - not a good idea), or pecking on the lap top keyboard while your husband is doing his online class for school (no wait, that was the chicken we left in the house). But they are so cute and furry. Gotta love 'em!