Saturday, November 20, 2010

Molly Part 3

Last night we were headed to Thomas' Cub Scout Pack Meeting (Thomas got 2 arrow points and will get his Wolf badge when it comes in. Good Job Thomas!), and we were playing an alphabet game. In the game, we go around the car and we go through the alphabet, with each person naming an animal that starts with their letter.

When we got to Molly, her letter was "H". Now since she can't spell, we help her with her animal. For "H" I thought "Horse".

Since she loves horses, and since she rode a horse named "Abby" this summer in Flagstaff, I thought that, that would be a great clue. Here's what she said:

Toby: You rode one this summer.
Molly: Ummmm...
Toby: Remember, you rode the other Abby this summer.
Molly: Ummmm...
Toby: Remember, it was named Abby?
Toby: What is Abby?
Molly: Ummm...A sandwich!!

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Zeke said...

What is it about that age? I drove home from Church with Sterling yesterday, and when I got home I had 3 separate things I had to tell Juliana that he'd said. I love how they don't have a filter between their brain and mouth.