Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Winter" Parties at school

At our school they have "winter" parties because "Christmas" does not include everyone. So I volunteered to help out with their winter parties and caught a few pictures. Here is Abby with her teacher Mrs. Keith. Abby says she wants to be just like Mrs. Keith when she grows up! Abby with some of her friends in her class this year. From left to right we have Paris, Emmaline, Jessilynn, Grace, Haven, Abby, and Camvy. In the front row is Andrew, Grace's little brother.

Here is Thomas with his teacher, Mrs. Bawden. She is very nice and we like her alot!

And here is Thomas with some of his friends from his class. From left to right we have Michael, Jalen, Roman, Anthony, Thomas, Kevin, and Dylan.
They get to come to school in their jammies and play games and eat junk. It is a really fun day!

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