Sunday, March 27, 2011

Molly's fan incident

The other night Molly was playing in her room like she always does when she should be sleeping. Well, she has a fan on her floor that we use for white noise so that she sleeps better. This particular night she started screaming like she was really hurt! Toby went to check on her and she was holding her head and pointing at the fan. He brought her downstairs to me and went to look at the fan. while he was gone, she pulled herself together enough to tell me that the fan got her hair. A few minutes later Toby comes down with the fan and this is what we found wrapped around the base of the blades. I could not find any bald spot or even redness on her head, so we gave her some tylenol and when she was all calmed down she went back to bed. By the way, we moved the fan from the floor to on top of her dresser!!

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Zeke said...

That's awesome. Larkyn did that with a little fan attached to a toy that had M&M's in it at the store. We never had any hair removal from fans, though.