Saturday, September 3, 2011

Driving to Utah

We took a road trip from Katy to Richfield this summer and these are some things we did along the way:
We stopped and saw Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas
 We had a very enjoyable visit with my Aunt Carol, Uncle Jim and cousin Jimmy (and don't forget Coco the dog!) in Longmont, CO
 The kids were in love with Coco!
 We all went on a walk to a cute little park and the kids had a great time getting out some of their "road trip energy"!!
 Uncle Jim sitting on the porch with Coco and the kids.
 After leaving Uncle Jim's house, we drove over the Rockies and saw lots of snow!!
 The kids were trying hard to keep themselves entertained in the car!

 Eisenhower tunnel between Colorado and Utah!

 Toby taking pictures of the mountains just outside of Richfield, Utah.
 All tuckered out!!

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