Friday, April 20, 2012

Building a butcher's block and cabinet for Amy

A couple of weeks ago Amy asked me to build a small cabinet in which she could store some of the large kitchen appliances.  After looking at several designs I decided to add an oak butcher's block to the top.  For the cabinet I used a few pine stair steps that I cut into the cabinet shape.  For the block I built it out of 1x2 red oak strips.  I chose to build it in sections.  Each section was bordered by a long strip of oak and then filled in with the little blocks of oak which were laid with the end up.  The alternating end and side grain pieces gave it a nice pattern.

Close up on the block

The block mounted on top of the cabinet in our kitchen

Amy finished the back of the cabinet off with some fabric.  She found a nice kitchen themed material, which we cut and then mod-poge'd it onto the wood.  The cabinet is mounted on small wheels to make it easier to move it around.
The completed cabinet


Zeke said...

I love it, Tobs. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Merrilee said...

Love your cover photo!