Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beginning of Summer 2014

This last week Amy and the kids went to Galveston to "celebrate" the end of school.  I'm not sure why you would celebrate something like that, but I digress.  I had to work the night before and missed out on the water and sunburns.  We do love Abby, but she's not in any of the pictures because she was off down the beach with her friends.

The Toy Story ball was a huge hit with all the kids.  It's a pain to transport and inflate, but they love floating in the surf.

Thomas and Molly played together in the sand and came home still sandy
Our friends' son William played with Molly and had a blast shoving sand into his mouth as fast he could.

Thomas went out into the surf and helpfully threw sand back into the ocean.

Everyone had a great time and learned the importance of sun screen.

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