Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visit from cousins and new dress-up cabinet!!

After Christmas, Alyssa and the kids came to visit for a night. It was really fun to have them and the kids had a great time together! We loved getting to see Alyssa, too. We love her very much!Katelyn, Thomas, Marin, Ryan, Molly and Abby.Our girls dress up stuff was overtaking the toy room and spilling out of the cardboard castle it lived in. So Toby decided to build a new dress up cabinet for all of us!! This is the stenciling and decoupage (sp?) castle pictures on each side. I was in charge of the sides of the cabinet and Toby did the rest!

Here is the whole cabinet. The drawers were fust purchased at Wal-Mart and toby built the cabinet to fit them. Behind the door is a rod for hanging dresses and hooks for necklaces. The castle pictures on the door are also decoupaged.

He really did a great job on it!!!


Alyssa said...

Wow, I am impressed with the cabinet - great job Tobs - and how smart was it to buy the bins first and then build the cabinet around them? And the castle decor is beautiful. Lovin' the pictures of the 6 grandkids.

jeremy said...

You got all the tools needed here buddy.

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