Sunday, November 8, 2009

The New House, Part 2

Here's a few pictures of the upstairs in our new house.
Here's Abby looking up from the entryway toward the "window" in the toy room wall. Abby's such a little lady...
This is the toy room looking toward the "window" that the last picture was taken from. The day bed is great for when people come to visit. The toys are always keep cleaned up and nicely put away : )

This is the outside wall in the toy room. The window has a lovely view over our neighbor's roof. But since his house is only 1 story, and there's no other houses in that direction for about a half mile, it's still pretty nice.


Zeke said...

What a cute house. For the first time in my life I'm living in a house with 2 stories and stairs. Hopefully no kids have fallen down the stairs yet. Congratulations on keeping the kids room clean long enough to take a picture. That's impressive.

j. and a. jerman said...

Your house sure is cute. Nice to have a toy room. Your pumpkins totally rock - very unique and fun!