Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family picture time!!

After many, many trial runs, we finally got a good family picture for this year! We decided to have our annual photo shoot on Thomas' baptism day because everyone looked nice and we were not rushing to church! A big thank you to Grandpa Christensen for being patient enough to take all of the pictures and to Grandma Christensen for helping the kids stay focused!After we finally got a good picture we told the kids we could do a crazy one, so I thought I would share that one, too!
And since all of the Grandparents were here at our house for the first time since Thomas' baby blessing, we took a photo of all of us together! This time we only took a few, but we still decided to do a silly one again!

Here it is! Enjoy!! We really had a great day and are so grateful that all 4 of Thomas' Grandparents could travel so far to be here with us on his special day!

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