Friday, December 4, 2009

Molly's Face

The other day we went to Texas Roadhouse Restaurant as part of another fund raiser for the kids' school (I guess they don't have enough smart screens...). While we were there, they had a hulu hoop contest for all the kids. Every kid who participated would "win". Molly wanted to go watch Thomas and Abby, so we let all three of them go. Suddenly we hear a screaming child running through the restaurant...

Molly is running toward us being followed by a couple of servers who are trying to help her calm down. She got too close to one of the kids who was hula hooping and got smacked in the eye!
Here's her face 2 days after getting hit, you can see a little cut on her right eyelid (left in the picture).

These 2 pictures are from the same day. Her eye is swollen, it almost looks like she was in a fist fight!

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Jen said...

you'll have to see the pictures of brian's black eye from this past summer. it's on my blog
kids will be kids!