Thursday, May 13, 2010

I got a new sink!!!

It all started last week when I noticed that a little rubber o-ring had come loose on the base of the faucet in the kitchen. It started to leak everytime I turned on the water, so I showed Toby and he took the faucet off to see what he could do. It was Sunday afternoon and he said "I am going to the store to get a new o-ring. I think this qualifies as an 'ox in the mire' situation." To which I reply "okay" but then the wheels start to turn in my head. We have talked about replacing the faucet ever since we moved in anyway. Hmmm. So I stop him and say, "maybe we should just wait until tomorrow and go to Lowe's and look for a whole new faucet." He agrees and for some reason the wheels are still turning in my head! So I go one step further and say "While we are at it, we could just replace the whole sink. This one is really shallow and I don't like it anyway". So we decided to go the next day and look at sinks and faucets just to get an idea of price. Toby had worked through the night on Sunday night so I went to Lowe's with Molly on Monday to look. I found some sinks I liked for about $230 and a faucet for about $90. When I came home and told Toby what I had found, we went back together to buy them. When we went back I noticed that there were two that were "package deals". They had the sink and faucet and drain kits all in one box. I really liked one of them and it was only $299. YAY! Sold! So we came home and started taking the old sink out and putting the new one in. When we came to the step where we needed to open the box and install the sink we noticed that there was a sink in the box but nothing else. Uh-oh. There was a 1-800 number to call if anything was wrong, so I called it and they said that we would just have to return it to the store. Molly was napping by now, so Toby took it back and got the last one they had on the shelf. Success!!!

Here is the old sink after Toby had taken the faucet off to check it.
Here is the hole after we took the old sink out.

Here is Toby working hard under the sink to disconnect all of the pipes and the garbage disposer. (we have a couch in the breakfast area because we got a new couch and haven't found anyone to take the old one)

My new sink and faucet! The old one was 6 in. deep and this one is 9 in. on the left and 7 in. on the right. And the end of the faucet comes out as the sprayer hose! I LOVE it!!

Of course, along the way, Toby injured himself several times. Here are two of the worst.

He did a great job and everything looks and works awesome!! It is great to have such a handy hubby!!


Zeke said...

What, no pictures of Toby bending over with 5 inches of crack showing? Come on.

karen said...

really like your new sink. we are planning on getting one also, so i had to see it. is the large side big enough for a 9x13 pan to lay flat in it? it looks great. Toby did a super job!

Erica Huff said...

I love it!

Unknown said...

That’s two thumbs up for Toby! He really did a great job. It’s a good thing that you immediately notice and solve the problem. Plumbing is a difficult task, and if not fixed right away, it can cause more damage. Anyway, the wounds look scary, but that’s part of his success. I’m glad you love the result.

Levi Eslinger