Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day "Experience"

First of all, Toby had worked all night until 6 am, so I did not expect him to be up at all this morning. I just had to make that disclaimer so that you don't wonder where he was during the whole morning (he was asleep!).
So I was awakened by my alarm clock at 7 am just like every other Sunday morning. I came out to the living room to see if any kids were up yet and I could hear someone playing up in the toyroom. So I called up the steps to see who was up. Abby answered and I told her to come down and have breakfast so we could get ready for church. When she got to the bottom of the steps, she stopped and said "oh, I just remembered what today is!" I said "What?" and she replied is a soft whisper (like I wasn't supposed to know) "Mother's Day". She then asked if she could make my breakfast and even told me what she wanted to make. I told her to go get Thomas and they could make it while I was in the shower. (It was just yogurt with granola, pretty easy) But I had made sure to tell them that they should have breakfast for themselves first and then make mine. I came out about 15 or 20 minutes later and found that they had made my breakfast first and not had anything for themselves yet. I knew that this meant that my granola would be soggy, but I ate it anyway to show them how much I appreciated their efforts. After eating as much soft granola and yogurt as I could, I got up to take my bowl in the kitchen and stepped in something crunchy on the floor. Hmmm, "Thomas what is all over the floor?" His reply "Oh, sorry, we tried to make breakfast for Daddy too, but the first bowl of Grape Nuts that we poured got spilled." Okay, "the first bowl". Hmmm. "Where is the second bowl?" "Oh, we put milk on it and it is on the counter." I realized that they were just trying to be as helpful as possible and I really love them for that. "Thanks, you guys, so much. You did a great job on breakfast."
It turned out to be more work for me, but they really tried to be nice, so I just smiled and cleaned up the scattered cereal on the floor and the bowl of mush that used to be Grape Nuts and milk. At least this year there were no fire hazards like paper towels in the toaster oven!


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Dawn said...

That is hilarious! If that doesn't typify mother's day I don't know what does. :0) Love it!