Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Day One

We got to our hotel at about 4:30 on Saturday afternoon. We were staying at a place right on a harbor on the Potomac River. Since it wasn't dinnertime yet, we went exploring. We found this statue called "The Awakening" right by the water. The kids had a blast climbing on it and playing in the sand.
After dinner, we walked down one of the piers and I learned that I am much more like my Mom than I ever knew. There was no railing on the sides and I was totally paranoid that one of the kids was going to fall off the side and into the water. I kept picturing how one of us (Toby) would have to jump in to save them and it freaked me out!!

Anyway, here is a view from the pier. Our place was not this building, but the one right behind it.

Here is Molly all worn out from the long day of travel.

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