Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Day Two

On our second day, we went to Mount Vernon in VA. When we walked in we saw this statue of George and Martha Washington with two of their grandchildren. The girl's name was Nellie and she happened to be 6 years old in this depiction. Abby was so excited that she was the same age as Nellie that she had to have her picture taken with her!
Here is the house on Mount Vernon where George Washington and his family lived.
Thomas in front of the house
Abby in front of the house

Molly in front of the house

Molly playing in the backyard

After we finished at Mount Vernon, we went back and walked around by the piers again. There were these huge mosaics on the walls by the steps so we took pictures for Mitzi!

The girls running around on a map of the area.

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Zeke said...

What cute pictures of the kids. Speaking of cute pictures of the kids, thanks for Thomas and Abby's soccer pictures. I'm glad Thomas is smiling so much better and Abby is smiling like her favorite older brother. :-P We love you guys.