Thursday, August 26, 2010

Abby has been wanting a dollhouse for her Barbies for a little while. Last week she went to play at a friend's house, who had such a dollhouse. She was so excited and REALLY, REALLY wanted one of her own. I'd been looking for a project, and last year I had thought about doing a dollhouse, so when she told me about how much she wanted a dollhouse, I decided to start one.
The house was built on a scale, that Abby's Barbies would fit. This made it a pretty big house. Here's the rough cut dollhouse. It'll be 3 floors and an attic tall and have 2 rooms on each of the 3 floors. The attic will be for the babies to play in (according to Abby, which makes me wonder where that came from).
Here's a view of the attic with it's chimney and the trap door (for the babies to climb up)

I built 2 stair cases for the lower 2 floors. Each one is big enough for the Barbies to climb

After I finished the initial cutting, it was time to decorate the dollhouse. We laid out all the "wallpaper" to plan which color each room would be. Abby helped pick out all the colors.
This is one of the walls. Each wall has a window cut into the wood, but they're covered with paper right now. Once the house is assembled, I'll add wainscotting around the bottom of each floor, which will cover up all the labels and the bare wood.
This is the other wall in the middle of being covered with paper.
And finally the back wall. Five of the six rooms have been papered, and each dividing wall will meet the back wall at the intersection of the paper.
I'll post more pictures as the project continues.


Kate said...

WOW! That is really impressive!! Great job!

Alyssa said...

Love it! Very impressive