Sunday, February 13, 2011

Abby turns 7

For Abby's birthday we invited friends over and played and opened presents and had pizza and cake and ice cream. It was alot of fun, but that many 7 year old girls in my house at one time was quite loud!! Here is a picture of Thomas giving Abby his gift.
Here is Molly giving her gift to Abby. She picked some Barbie princess clothes and shoes (since they get lost so easily!).

Here are the gifts we got Abby. She has been asking for a pillow pet for a while now. You should have heard all the girls in the room in unison when she opened it "*gasp* a pillow pet!!!". I guess it was the most popular gift she got that day!!

Here is Abby with her friend Jessilynn.

Here is Abby with her friend Grace.

And Megan

And Emmaline.

And Isabelle.

And Sam. Her gift was a cute bank made out of a glass block and they put her name on the front in vinyl letters and a pretty princess crown on the back. Very pretty!!

Here is Abby's cake. I had so much to do that morning that I ended up buying her a cake from the pre-made Wal-Mart bakery case. It was pretty good and she loved that she got a store-bought cake!!

Happy 7th Birthday to my big girl!! We love you so much!!

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Jen said...

my mom just got all 3 of my kids pillow pets for valentines day. i couldn't believe how excited they were!