Saturday, September 3, 2011

Building The Workshop!

While we were in Utah, we helped Grandma and Granpa Christensen with their new workshop.  When we got there this is kind of what the new workshop looked like. 

We put up some drywall and puttied and taped and sanded---OH MY the SANDING!!!
Toby put the clear wall on the outside of the south wall
and he built these vent boxes for the paint room.
Chani and I put up most of the siding ourselves!!
The kids each wanted to have a part, so they got to help sand the drywall.

Here I am after a day of sanding!
Some pictures of the various injuries sustained over the week.

The girls got to play inside with Grandma most of the time.  They came out to show us these Froot Loop necklaces they made.
Here we are painting- or maybe contemplating what needs to be painted next!

These last three pictures show what it looked like when we left!!  Hooray for hard work!!

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Bess & Tom said...

Hey, we just stumbled onto your blog and we love it. Laughed out loud through most of it.
Love you,
Uncle Tom and Aunt Bess