Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Houston

Today we got snow in Houston. This event happens about once every four years, and this is the earliest snow on record. Here's the front of the house. It's not cold enough for the snow to stick to the road and cement, but they still closed schools early. In Canada this would have been a nice Spring day, people would have been outside in shorts and tee shirts.
We saw one jolly old man who was out enjoying the snow...

Thomas, Abby and Molly loved jumping on the trampoline with snow on it. Molly wasn't so sure about all the snow...I guess her American half was dominate today.

Trying to make "snow angels" on the trampoline.

Amy got into a snow ball fight with the kids, I think she lost.

And here she is paying the kids back.


Dawn said...

Wow! It's hard for you guys to get away from now, eh?! :0)

Alyssa said...

wow, how exciting! Amy, you have to show no mercy to those kids in a snowball fight.

Ro Jeanette said...

I am so jealous. They kept predicting snow here but all we got was rain. All the kids were disappointed. I told them not to hold their breath for much snow at all.