Friday, September 24, 2010

The Dollhouse is Finished!!!

Here it is, all done and set up in Abby's room. The girls are playing with it as I type this. They love it!!
Here is the kitchen, complete with a table and chairs and food on the table.

The living room, of course blue barbie is sitting around watching tv, maybe that is why she has such poor circulation.

Here is one of the bedroom, Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore!

Toto is lost in the other bedroom!

This is the family room with a rope ladder leading to the attic. Anyone recognize the painting on the wall?

And finally the den, or apparently this barbie thinks it is a ballroom.


Jessica said...

I love Van Gogh's Starry Night! And I really love the family picture in the front room :) BTW I have your carpet cleaner now, and I'll bring it back tomorrow, plus cookies!

Blarney Girl said...

Where did you get such a small copy of Starry Night?? That's awesome! Well, the whole house is pretty darn awesome!