Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dollhouse Part 3

I've been working on the dollhouse slowly, as work and life keep interrupting. A few days ago the girls wanted to help while I was painting some of the trim.

Here Molly and Abby work together to paint what will be a piece of wainscoting.
And here I am supervising.

A few days later I started assembling the whole dollhouse.
This view is from the back of the dollhouse. I put the staircases in the back to try to protect them from little hands. So I'll leave the back off until I'm just about done with the whole dollhouse.

The Chimney goes from the attic (the fireplace will be added on the 3rd floor) through the roof. Cutting a vertical hole through a 45deg roof was pretty challenging.

The 2nd floor staircase. The stairs will be at the back of the house and have the railing against the wall. Hopefully that means they will survive kids playing with the house.

The white and black room will be the kitchen, with a doorway into the 1st floor Living or Dining Room

Here are the second floor rooms

The first floor rooms

The first and second floor staircases.

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