Friday, September 24, 2010

Dollhouse art work

I wanted to post a couple pictures of the artwork that we made for the dollhouse. Everyone who wanted to, got to create a piece or two of art to hang in the rooms.

This first picture is of the exterior of the dollhouse. I finally finished the half-timbered trim on this wall as well.

In the attic, we hung this abstract by Amy.
This is the picture above the fireplace in the "den" on the 3rd Floor. It's a family picture from the Grand Canyon this summer. The day was cold and drizzly, but everyone had a good time.
This reproduction of a famous artwork is in the 3rd floor bedroom/family room.
Abby drew this picture of her and Barbie playing together for a 2nd floor bedroom.
This abstract is also Abby's work. It went in the yellow bedroom since it had yellow and red in it (as well as a bunch of other colors).
Molly contributed this art work (except the flower, that was done by Amy)
Here's the kitchen with a Barbie kitchen set added in.

This dollhouse was one of the largest projects and certainly the most time consuming that I've ever done. Overall it was a lot of fun to do, and I hope that she'll treasure it. The feedback I've gotten from friends and family (except for Santos L Halper) was so positive, thanks to everyone who commented!

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Guys, it is amazing. 'nuff said